California shining cat – description of the breed, photo, character, reviews

Breed characteristics

Miniature domestic leopards are remembered for their predatory appearance and civilized habits. The inherited outward wildness plays into contrast with the friendly character. Makes the cat an object of adoration for its owners. Who wouldn't want to play with a wild predator and feel safe? Pull his soft fur, tease him and stroke him gently. The California Radiant cat makes you feel tamed and loved by its owner at the same time. From the leopard, the shining cat received not only spectacular colors, but also other characteristics. Graceful, smooth gait, developed muscles, skeletal structure.

The standards prescribe a number of characteristic features of the breed. The medium-sized wedge-shaped head has soft outlines. Prominent cheekbones are set high, a slightly convex forehead, and a well-defined chin. The horns are clearly visible. Straight small nose. The ears, slightly rounded at the ends, are set wide apart. Large oval eyes are set slightly slanted. The color of the iris is in harmony with the main coat color. Mainly yellow with copper or golden undertones. There are blue-eyed Californians. Green eye color is considered unacceptable for the breed.

The long, strong neck is cylindrical in shape. The body resembles a rectangle. The body is flexible, muscular, slender. The cat's legs are long and strong. They resemble the paws of a cheetah. The front ones are slightly shorter than the rear ones. The domestic leopard walks with a low, creeping gait. It's like he's sneaking around and hunting. This gait complements the predatory image. This is due to the structure of the front paws, which form a 90-degree angle with the elbows. A long tail. Uniform in thickness. The fluffy tip is rounded. Definitely black. Other colors are not acceptable. The weight of an adult is from 4 to 8 kilograms. The short fur is thick and soft, feeling like plush. Longer on the belly and tail.

The main asset of the Californian breed is its color. There are two main types: snow leopard (leopard) and royal radiant. The first is characterized by a snow-white color with black spots. A tawny or bronze coat color with round or oval dark spots indicates a royal, shining cat. The spots must be clear and contrasting.

Another interesting feature of the breed is that at birth, snow leopard kittens are completely white. Royal shining kittens are born black. Spots begin to appear with age.

Color spectrum

The colors of the California Radiant can be very diverse. The paws, belly and muzzle are usually slightly lighter than the main part of the body. The fur coat of a Californian cat is its main wealth. Breed standards recognize as many as 8 colors: anthracite gray and black, red and golden, blue, bronze, silver and brown. The similarity of the fur coat with the skin of a snow leopard is also welcome.

It is noteworthy that kittens of this breed are born completely black and only as they grow older they acquire one color or another.

As you age, spots appear. They can be of different types and sizes, can be grouped into chic patterns or arranged in bulk. The main thing is that they do not take the form of fish scales. Ring spots or crescent-shaped marks are also not allowed. Dark stripes may appear on the head, chest or legs.

If you put photographs of a wild young leopard and a domesticated California shining pussy next to each other, the differences will be minimal.

History of the breed

Legend has it that during the gold rush, cats helped prospectors find gold mines. Californian golden sand got on the fur of animals. It shone and shimmered.

However, the real origin of the breed is associated with dramatic events. In 1971, famous Hollywood director Paul Casey goes to Africa. The purpose of the trip was to shoot a film about wildlife. By the will of fate, he ends up in the famous Olduvai George Canyon. There they tell him about a terrible tragedy. Poachers killed the last leopard living in the canyon for its skin.

The story shocks Paul. He comes up with a plan. He sets a truly noble goal - to save wild cats from extermination. To do this, he contacts breeders. He sets them the task of breeding a pet that looks like a leopard. The idea was simple. People will associate predatory cats with their spotted pets. They will feel sorry for killing wild animals for fur.

Ten years later, the goal was achieved. Siamese, Angora, Abyssinian genes were mixed to obtain the result. Egyptian Mau completed the look. It is to them that the Californian shining cat owes its spots. Miniature leopards were registered in 1985 by the TICA association.

Owner reviews

Due to the fact that the Californian Shining cat breed is very rare and expensive, there are not so many happy owners.

  • Marie moved to America for permanent residence, but often communicates on Russian-language forums, where she recently shared good news: “For my birthday, my husband gave me a real kitten of the California shining breed. In general, I really love these leopard print colors, but what makes me most happy is that she has no predatory ancestors, so our growing baby will be safe with her”;
  • Alexandra said that she was also given a cat of this breed, brought straight from California. This is what she says a year later: “Our William is already such an adult cat, but with age this childish playfulness does not disappear in him. As they write in the description of the breed, they are not talkative and this is true. But I’m glad about it, because I can’t stand cats that meow all the time.”

Adult cat of California radiant breed

Character and psychology

The character of the Californian shining cat is completely opposite to its predatory appearance. Friendly, flexible pets conquer all household members. Their playful nature makes mustachioed pets excellent playmates. Spotted friends are sociable. Ready to follow their owner. Take part in his affairs. Mini leopard does not like loneliness. He tries in every way to attract attention. Treat all family members equally.

A shining cat is not a cat that walks on its own. Very social. In addition, natural sensitivity allows you to detect changes in the owner’s mood. Come to your arms in moments of sadness or not touch at all. Despite their wild appearance, they are not aggressive or vindictive. They will prefer to bypass the offender and will not seek revenge.

A Californian remains a hunter at heart. Living in a private home awakens instincts. The hosts must be ready for trophies. A caught mouse or bird may end up on the porch of the house. For the same reason, you should avoid contact with small domestic rodents, fish or parrots. They will live peacefully and harmoniously with their brothers. Dogs will not be pleasant company for them. Conflicts cannot be avoided.

A distinctive feature is the hyperactivity of cats. The lack of toys will be a reason for cat tricks. Things left unattended will find use in your pet's playful paws. High jumpers will conquer all sorts of peaks in the house.

A sharp mind helps the spotted pet quickly absorb information and remember commands. Cats are easy to train.

Psychological picture

Despite their menacing appearance and size, California Speckled cats are very pleasant to talk to, friendly, responsive and playful. They have an excellent, flexible character, are easy to get around and affectionate. They are very energetic and love to play, and need human attention and affection just like any other breed. N are aggressive, but not phlegmatic. Among the breeds this is the “golden mean”. They get along well with other cats in the house, but there may be problems with dogs, especially if the dog begins to defend its territory.


The California Spangled Cat was created to save feral cats from extermination. Paul Casey's goal was to draw people's attention to the senseless killing of animals with beautiful skins. The task was completed.

The new breed was loved by breeders. It's hard to resist the charm of an outwardly predatory cat with the character of a loyal friend.

Why is she shining?

The description of the California radiant should begin with the decoding of its name. Everything is clear with the first part - she was born in California. But what about the second part? Each “decent” breed has its own legend. Shining cats also have it. Its essence is that the ancestors of this animal traveled with gold miners, their owners.

Most likely, this is just a beautiful fairy tale. But it is indeed true that the spotted coat of kittens of this breed is surprisingly smooth and shiny.

Another interesting feature of the breed, which brings it closer to its wild fellow leopards, is flexibility and mobility. Pussies are very active and rarely sit in one place. This is a fairly large breed, so your pet will need a lot of space.

How to choose a kitten

When choosing a kitten, a potential owner will face a number of difficulties. Firstly, it is almost impossible to acquire a spotted friend in Russia. Nurseries exist in the USA and Europe. Secondly, the Californian Shining is considered one of the rarest and most expensive breeds. How much can rare kittens cost? The average price varies from 120,000 to 200,000 rubles. It is best to turn to American breeders. It is recommended to reserve a kitten in advance. There is a fee for booking.

The nursery must first be checked for reliability. A conscientious breeder is obliged to provide complete information about the kitten’s pedigree. When acquiring a new friend, the owner receives a package of documents for the animal. Metrics and veterinary passport.

Your choice should be on an energetic and curious baby. Healthy kittens have shiny fur. Pay attention to characteristic spots. Clear outlines. Rectangular or round shape. Triangular or square shapes of spots are possible. There should be stripes on the face, chest, hind legs and tail. In these places, spots are unacceptable for a purebred kitten.

Features of care

Despite its exotic appearance, caring for a shiny cat does not cause any trouble for the owner. An active pet will love a big home. If this is not possible, then it is advisable to equip a play area. Make your pet happy with toys. Walking along the street on a harness will bring pleasure to the spotted Californian.

Water procedures no more than once a month. Otherwise, the fur will lose its natural shine. A hairdryer is contraindicated for the same reason.

A couple of times a week you should pay attention to your eyes and ears. If necessary, clean carefully with a cotton swab.

Eating solid foods or periodically brushing your teeth will help prevent the formation of tartar.


The California shining cat is unpretentious in its choice of food. The diet can include both dry or liquid food, as well as natural food. The focus should be on balance. An indicator of the correctness of the chosen diet is cat hair. With the right menu, it will shine and shimmer.

Natural food can consist of raw frozen meat or sea fish. Fermented milk products are suitable, but not milk itself. Vegetables, herbs and grains will have a beneficial effect on digestion. Vitamin balance must be maintained with a mineral complex. Fresh water is also essential for health.

Salt and spices are considered forbidden foods.

Kittens should be fed five times a day. An adult pet is transferred to two meals a day.

Thanks to its natural activity, the miniature leopard is not prone to excess weight.


Artificial origin did not have any adverse effects on the health of the Californian cat. Genetic and hereditary diseases were avoided. The average life expectancy is 12-15 years. There are also twenty-year-old centenarians. Maintaining an active lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular visits to the veterinarian will help you live a long and happy life.


Features of breeding the Californian shining cat are as follows. The first attempts at mating can begin at 1-1.5 years. Be sure to skip the first two heats. The date should take place in the cat's territory. Otherwise, the Californian will disrupt the event. Pregnancy is easy. Childbirth is natural. Usually 5-7 kittens are born. It is worth handing them over to new owners no earlier than after two months.

Captivating beauty, predatory grace and good-natured disposition captivate at first sight. The California Spangled Cat is more than just a pretty accessory. Thanks to her playful and affectionate nature, she becomes a full-fledged part of the family. The noble purpose of creation exceeded expectations. It was possible not only to draw attention to the existing problem of extermination of wild animals. We managed to create a pet leopard with the soul of a faithful friend.

California shining cat

There are many breeds in the world, each of which has its own characteristics. Today we will talk about the shining Californian cat.

History of the origin of the Californian cat

The California cat dates back to the days of ranchers and cowboys. According to legend, the pets received their name during the Gold Rush, participating together with people in the search for golden sand. Having been soiled in it, they acquired an extraordinary coloring. Paul Casey, a Hollywood director and screenwriter who loves pets, took a special part in the appearance of the breed. While filming a regular film in 1971, he learned that the people of Tanzania had killed all the leopards in order to obtain natural fur. Then Paul came up with the idea of ​​​​recreating a previously unknown breed, the character traits of which would resemble wild ancestors. The main idea was to convey to people that fur products with the color of a snow leopard are similar to a pet. This should have made them think and give up furs. More than 10 breeds took part in the experiment over 14 years, after which the screenwriter still managed to bring his idea to life. The Californian cat that was born was recognized as an original and rare species.

Description and appearance

Externally, the cat really resembles wild predators: an elegant figure, an elongated tail, lanky hind legs, pronounced muscles. There are many varieties of exotic breeds, each with its own personal characteristics.

Thanks to high cheekbones and a strong jaw, the head does not look featureless and elongated, but has a neat shape. The forehead stands out, the cheeks are smooth and thickened. The pet's ears are small, with rounded tips, and have a high position. The eyes are spaced apart from each other and have an oval shape. The color varies from amber to blue eyes.

Coat and colors

The California Radiance has a short, silky coat with a leopard-like coloring. The tail is striped, with a dark color at the end. The spots on the animal - oval, triangular, square, crystalline - come in the following colors: - red; - coffee; - golden brown; - silver; - white; - blue.

If the spots are scaly, ring-shaped or sickle-shaped, this indicates that the animal is not a purebred breed.

Although cats are similar in appearance to their ancestors, their character is the opposite. The main qualities are complacency and kindness. Feeling that the owner is not at ease in his soul and is in a bad mood, these affectionate creatures try to improve his internal state by spinning and purring near him. They like to sit at head level and take a sweet nap. The child-loving and sociable cat gets along well with strangers, allowing them to get close to her. And in relationships with dogs, he knows how to show himself, quickly putting the dog in the right place. She also has the expression “poking your nose into someone else’s business,” which she practices very well. The cat’s playful character does not allow her to sit in one place for a long time; she constantly needs to be active and explore the unknown, so at least the usual bathing should be done while playing. The love of hunting was also inherited. Despite the above qualities, a cat can smell bias and deception a mile away. Strength of spirit allows you to easily deal with the offender, giving him what he deserves, so that there is not a single doubt about her strength.

First of all, you should ask the breeder about dietary preferences and find out if the animal has allergies in order to avoid unpleasant situations. It is advisable to adhere to the diet developed initially. The food should contain a complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper growth and development of the cat. There are a number of special foods to suit every taste. Do not be overzealous in feeding homemade food. There are restrictions on products that should not be forgotten: they are prohibited from eating raw meat and fish, as well as fresh milk. Taking these products may cause helminth infections. The main thing is not to overfeed. Food must be fresh. It is common for kittens to eat small meals 4 times a day; adult cats normally eat 2 times a day. It is important that there is always clean water.

Care and maintenance of the Californian shining cat

If you decide to get a California Shining cat, pleasant chores and a good mood await you. This breed is easy to care for and civilized. Due to the playfulness and restlessness of the animal, it would be correct to arrange a play corner in which the cat will feel comfortable; at the same time, fragile interior items will not suffer from her paws. A daily walk in the fresh air will only benefit you. If rodents and birds live in the house, it is better to place them separately, because... Hunting instincts are in a cat’s blood and can awaken at any moment. It is better to choose a cat or dog of any breed as a friend - a Californian cat will definitely make friends with them. They do not like exhausting carrying and squeezing; claws will be used as protection against such action. Short-haired breeds do not need frequent washing; they can take care of themselves. It is enough to bathe once a week, carrying out antiseptic procedures. Don't forget about ear hygiene, trimming the hair inside them and checking for ticks. All necessary vaccinations and nails must be trimmed on time. The filler in the tray should be changed every 2-3 days and the vessel should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Do not forget to wash your hands well after the work done.

Health and life expectancy

Thanks to their genes, cats have strong immunity and health. Proper care and vaccination are the key to longevity. The average life expectancy is 13-15 years. A big problem is infection with helminth infections. Even the most resistant organism tolerates the disease with problems. It’s stupid to think that you can catch this nasty thing from catching mice or unprocessed food. The owner himself can become the culprit, bringing infection from the street on his shoes. If your pet has a sharp decrease in appetite, or there are changes in behavior and stool, this is an alarming call that an infection has occurred, and you need to contact a specialist to prescribe treatment. The question of procreation is also important. Mating should be carried out after the second heat. After 10 months, the genitals are developed, and the cat is ready for pregnancy and gestation. The cat must happen to the cat before the age of 1.5 years, so that there are no problems in this regard in the future. It is worth consulting with a veterinarian to make sure that pregnancy and childbirth can proceed well. With a successful mating, the cat becomes affectionate and restrained. Appetite and sleep duration increase, playfulness disappears, and nipples become engorged. Clumsiness appears, you need to make sure that the kitty does not climb too high. Falling from a height can lead to miscarriage. The duration of pregnancy is 67 days. It is important that the birth takes place in a clean room. On the street it is possible to contract infections, which is risky. During pregnancy, the pet should not be washed with flea shampoos or given anthelmintic medications. You should take care in advance to prevent worms and parasites.

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